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abbreviation for
(Nautical Terms) leading: Ldg seaman.


1. landing.
2. loading.
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It is surely going to benefit as this treatment has largely proven its effectiveness worldwide," said Tapesh Singhal, Director, LDG India who has taken the baton forward to introduce this medical facility in India for the Indian cancer patients.
Additionally, body weight gain of animals in the glucose supplemented groups was less than the SG In contrast, the feed conversion ratio acted oppositely, the feed conversion in SG was the lowest, followed by HDG, and LDG.
We developed the LDG in response to calls for innovative and efficient ways of assisting college students, in particular (Berrios-Allison, 20hl; Hunt, 2010), and in response to calls to offer career services from a postmodern perspective (Barclay, 2013; Brott, 2001, 2004; Bujold, 2004; Maree, 2010; Savickas, 2011, 2013; Stoltz & Barclay, 2012).
LDG can complete required sampling and in some cases can modify permits to decrease the frequency or limits coal companies must meet.
Future work will include the development and analysis of this class of LDG method for more general PDEs in multi-dimensions, and on nonrectangular, curved regions.
Called the LDG P-clamp, the product was designed to reduce wear and tear on mission-critical transmission lines (RF, Fibre Optics) and is currently in use in a major aerospace programme.
It's a dude--and sorry, all you lovers of fairness, but even including Ann Coulter, the LDG is pretty much always a guy--who woke up the other day and noticed that the world is not to his liking.
The MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters at the LDG Gym down in London have made me come out of my comfort zone," he said.
Certified through EASA 145, JAA 145, FAA and Turkish DGCA for the performance of maintenance services, THY Teknik offers a variety of maintenance services through its diversified shops, ranging from Airframe Heavy Maintenance, Engine-APU overhaul and LDG overhaul.
Turkish Technic, Yemen Airways, Boeing Turkish Technic signed an LDG maintenance services agreement with Yemen Airways covering three 737-800 LDG shipset overhauls, replacement and spare unit loans.
Our study has been performed over a variety of synthetic and real-world RDF documents, and we could observe that our approach scales better than the LDG representation in terms of space and time complexity.