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v. leached, leach·ing, leach·es
1. To remove soluble or other constituents from by the action of a percolating liquid: heavy rains that leached the soil of minerals.
2. To remove from a substance by the action of a percolating liquid: acids in groundwater that leach calcium out of the bedrock.
3. To empty; drain: "a world leached of pleasure, voided of meaning" (Marilynne Robinson).
To be dissolved or passed out by a percolating liquid.
1. The act or process of leaching.
2. A porous, perforated, or sievelike vessel that holds material to be leached.
3. The substance through which a liquid is leached.

[From Middle English leche, leachate, from Old English *lece, muddy stream; akin to leccan, to moisten.]

leach′a·bil′i·ty n.
leach′a·ble adj.
leach′er n.


capable of being removed from a substance by a percolating liquid
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Conducting appropriate extractable and leachable studies for inhaler products, with the potential complexity of the polymer materials in mind, requires suitable, validated and sensitive analytical methods shares Dr Hauk.
The addition of leachables to a pharmaceutical product stream has several potential negative effects, but the one most relevant to the use of single-use solutions is when the leachable is itself toxic and thereby poses a health risk to anyone exposed to it.
use of low lead alloys whenever possible, proper control of variables influencing metal/sand penetration and setting up reactions to form lead compounds that minimize leachable lead in waste material;
Recently glass polyalkenoate cements formed from poly(acrylic acid) and ion leachable glasses have been developed as chemically adhesive bone cements.
Compendia tests are required for CCS according to both EMEA and USFDA, but results are limited to the information that can be used to conduct a comprehensive leachable study.
Although the sparse pattern of drilling does not allow a resource calculation, Billiton's reports refer to the potential for a leachable resource in excess of 60M mt of greater-than-0.
Another possibility is that contact with the hot metal degrades the binders in cores made from this resin and renders them more leachable.
The Company is expanding its production capacity and advancing the development of the oxide heap leachable gold and silver historically identified that includes both pre-processed and unprocessed ore.
Based on known leachable reserves, Nifty's life will exceed 10 yr at the expanded production rate.