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A product or solution formed by leaching, especially a solution containing contaminants picked up through the leaching of soil.


(Geological Science) water that carries salts dissolved out of materials through which it has percolated, esp polluted water from a refuse tip


(ˈli tʃeɪt)

a solution resulting from leaching.
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Relation between leachability of Zn, Cu and leachate pH:
In landfill, solid waste will start to decompose and generate leachate [5].
In all leachate preparations, 25 g of crumb rubber were mixed with 50 ml of distilled water, heated in a water bath at the indicated temperature for thirty minutes and then allowed to cool.
3 million project will increase the landfill's capacity and improve its ability to capture and handle leachate, the rain water that seeps through the landfill and becomes polluted.
Degradation of organic wastes in mixture with percolating rainwater produces highly contaminated liquid known as leachate [12], which is one of the most important point source of organic ground water contamination.
The toxicity of rubber leachate is mainly a result of its mineral content: Aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, sulfur and zinc have all been identified in laboratory and field leachates.
based Neptune Systems is a new revolutionary and low-cost method for environmentally-sound leachate, storm water, and wastewater disposal in waste management, fracking, water treatment, industrial and mining applications.
In Southbridge recently, after another resident and myself produced a video showing what I described as a leachate spill at the Southbridge landfill, Town Manager Christopher Clark spoke out at a council meeting about our video.
For this purpose a low-cost field leachate sampling method is applied, which consists in collecting the infiltrate under gravity flow without disturbing the surface structure of the soil.
Earlier practice was to dump the municipal waste in landfills, which were not equipped with leachate and gas collection systems, and therefore leachate and gas find their way into the surrounding environment (Alkalay et al.
du Pont de Nemours and Company has obtained a patent for a process comprised of digesting ilmenite ore with aqueous ammonium hydrogen oxalate to form a leachate and a precipitate comprised of FeC2O4.
Different researchers found that the eucalyptus leachate had varying degree of inhibitory and stimulatory effects on germination percentage (Phlomina and Srivasuki, 1996) and plant growth considerably at higher concentration (Jayakumar et al.