lead sheet

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lead′ sheet`

a copy of a song containing the melody line, sometimes with the lyrics and harmonic notations.
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Noun1.lead sheet - a sheet containing the words and melody for a song (and some indication of harmony) written in simple formlead sheet - a sheet containing the words and melody for a song (and some indication of harmony) written in simple form
sheet music - a musical composition in printed or written form; "she turned the pages of the music as he played"
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You don't put the bassline on the lead sheet when you write a song.
It has lead sheet manufacturing and distribution operations in UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Ireland and the division saw an increase in turnover during the year.
Britain had made the lead sheet years ago but most of them had corroded in time and lost function.
As well as the crudely made muzzle-loading guns officers found gun powder taken from Chinese fireworks, wadding and lead sheet, some of which had been compressed into a ball and rammed into the muzzle of one of the weapons.
2]) roof of lead sheet pugging, membrane and oak ceiling boards, is supported by a composite truss of white American oak rafters, stainless-steel tie-rods and intermediate circular posts.
When a critical lead schedule needs to be found, a lead sheet should properly identify its location.
com)-- PharmSource, the leading provider of market intelligence and business development information for companies that serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic industries, has redesigned its must-have lead-generation platform, the PharmSource Lead Sheet.
Though much of it reads like a string quintet, there are parts that read like a jazz lead sheet.
The 30 or so people who signed the guest list "became my lead sheet," he says, and one is on the brink of hiring Kingston for a $75,000 kitchen.
The bodies were placed in a plain wooden coffin, then encased in lead sheet and an attractive cover was put over that.
The works also produced lead sheet for roofing and powdered lead to create glaze.