leader board

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lead′er board`

a display of those leading in a contest, as a golf tournament.
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According to the multiple leader boards, Duff lost a body weight of 42.
Finally three packages will be given away for the winners of the August sit & Go leader boards - one for the winner of each of the Low, Medium and High leader boards.
But one landmark which will remain unchanged are the iconic yellow leader boards - currently being manufactured by Liverpool company Creative Services.
Bob and Jimmy have a ball together running leader boards.
Casey was full of praise for Khan's record round after watching his progress closely on the leader boards around the Wentwood Hills course.
Due in part to its location on the schedule and that the same big names usually skip it, Riviera seems always to have the same players on its leader boards.
Participants have relied on word of mouth, static leader boards, and AV broadcast systems to try to decipher the ever-changing statistics and situations during the tournament, until Visual Incite developed an ideal solution.
And, to give everyone an equal chance of making the top 20, there are two leader boards, one each for high and low stakes online poker players.
Scott Smith of Venice - a familiar name on halibut derby leader boards - placed third with a 27.
Further utilizing the Sprint wireless network, Sprint Game Lobby users can earn a place on one of seven leader boards including highest score, total questions, longest streak and questions correctly answered.
The price includes all five camera feeds, "RunnerCam" interactivity, real-time leader boards and the ability to watch LIVE or On Demand.