leading edge

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lead·ing edge

1. Nautical The edge of a sail that faces the wind.
2. The front edge of an airplane propeller blade or wing.
a. The foremost position in a trend or movement; the vanguard: "a company on the leading edge of machine-tool technology" (Christian Science Monitor).
b. Someone or something occupying such a position: "Together they are the leading edge of a new wing of historians known as cliometricians" (Timothy Foote).

lead′ing-edge′ adj.

leading edge

1. (Aeronautics) the forward edge of a propeller blade, aerofoil, or wing. Compare trailing edge
2. (Electrical Engineering) electrical engineering the part of a pulse signal that has an increasing amplitude
a. the leading position in any field
b. (as modifier): leading-edge technology.

lead′ing edge′

(ˈli dɪŋ)
1. the edge of an airfoil or propeller blade facing the direction of motion.
2. the forward edge of an air mass.
3. forefront; vanguard.
lead′ing-edge′, adj.
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Noun1.leading edge - forward edge of an airfoilleading edge - forward edge of an airfoil    
aerofoil, airfoil, control surface, surface - a device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air; can lift or control a plane in flight
edge - a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object; "he rounded the edges of the box"
élenjáró technológia
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Judge Davidson sentenced Leading Edge to pay a criminal fine in the amount of $700,000.
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Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, John Whelton, VP North American Operations, Leading Edge Group (Photo: Business Wire)
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15 JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, they report that the beads on the cells' leading edges were swept rearward as the cells advanced, while beads at the center of the cells' membranes showed only random movement.
It is an honor to receive such recognition from our peers within the Leading Edge Alliance," said Price.
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The next generation PSP MOSFET model includes key elements that will enable us to accurately model RF behavior more quickly, and ultimately deliver leading edge solutions to market," said Mats Lindstrom, division director of RF design for Conexant's Broadband Media Processing.

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