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Noun1.leading rein - rein to direct the horse's head left or rightleading rein - rein to direct the horse's head left or right
rein - one of a pair of long straps (usually connected to the bit or the headpiece) used to control a horse
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To be brief, Sancho fixed Don Quixote on the ass and secured Rocinante with a leading rein, and taking the ass by the halter, he proceeded more or less in the direction in which it seemed to him the high road might be; and, as chance was conducting their affairs for them from good to better, he had not gone a short league when the road came in sight, and on it he perceived an inn, which to his annoyance and to the delight of Don Quixote must needs be a castle.
Two-and-a-half-year-old Olivia Owen on the grey Shetland Cwmllynfell Katrin just had the edge in the leading rein section over William Hoyland on Friarly Gorgeous Porjus.
The equine section is benefitting from greater space in the new location at Bywell, and has expanded its classes for all ages, including the newly introduced Show Pony classes in which children as young as three start their showing career in the leading rein class.
Janice Goldingay and her eight-year-old daughter Judith, from LlanfairTH, with their pony Major who claimed second prize in the leading rein class at Cefn in June 1985
Her dad said: "This is her last year in leading rein classes and she is looking forward to 'first ridden' and 'working hunter ponies' next year.
They asked why he appeared to strike his horse with a leading rein when it was reluctant to enter the course.
Rhymney ring - 10am, BSPS leading rein and first ridden classes 56 and 57; noon, shire horse classes and championship; 2.
We have signed the Treaty of Nice, which may come into effect next year, but it reflects a fracticious Conference where Germany threw off the French leading rein and struck out towards a united states of Europe.
Perhaps it's the new lady in the Lawnmower Salesman's life (she works in the local stables and bought him blinkers and a leading rein for his birthday) but an extraordinary change has come over the lad.
Riders spanned all abilities and age ranges: one exceptionally smart lady of mature years confided it was her first show, while a bubble curled blond angel of around two years was making her debut in the leading rein class.
DB Davies's Penplas Rebecca from Pisgah, supreme champion in the leading rein classes, being handled by Emyr Rhys Williams.
Miss Carey's Stanley Grange Studbased Carrhouse Above the Law was third in the show hunter pony exceeding 14hh class and Mrs Brennan's black gelding, Amesbury Mandalay, also based at the stud, took third in the 12hh and under leading rein class.