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Noun1.leaf form - any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assumeleaf form - any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume
foliage, leaf, leafage - the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
natural shape - a shape created by natural forces; not man-made
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The global stevia market is sub-segmented on the basis of type into liquid, powdered and leaf form.
Try a combination of Lupin Chandelier, Euphorbia Robbiae, Lysimachia Atropurpurea Beaujolais with perhaps a small tree Cercis Canadensis for unrivalled leaf form and colour.
While gelam which has a smaller leaf form is identified as Melaleuca cajuputi Powell, grows naturally in the area around Palangka Raya of Central Kalimantan.
Most are forms of Acer palmatum and the plants we buy in their enormous variety of leaf form and foliage colour have been grafted on a rootstock of the straight species to make them robust.
Greg and Cathy Leaf form the full service agency Group Leaf.
2011) as ontogenetic changes in leaf form among branches of different orders of ramification; that is, a "programmed ontogenetic change in shoot morphology" as described by Winn (1999:S113).
moose browsing in our area can be significant), effects of sexual versus vegetative reproduction, heterophylly (differences in leaf form on the same individual plant), delayed leaf senescence and winter hardening, and early spring leaf flush--all of which tend to occur in deciduous plants undergoing compensatory growth.
Flower size and color vary, as do leaf form and foliage color.
The FBS has prepared a simple and single leaf form for the purpose, he said adding that the basis information to be asked for included the question about sanitation, energy, water, sewerage, accommodation, communication services and so on.
Not all trees will be leafed out by April 26, so photos of each tree's leaf form will be available for examination.
They then change leaf form, stop making aerial roots, stop climbing, and start flowering and producing black berries that are edible for birds but toxic to people.
This is in direct response to newspapers packed with endless features on 'health' and page after page of diets and post-Christmas detox plans based exclusively on sprouts or cabbage, which, as everyone knows, is really sprouts in leaf form.