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adj. leaf·i·er, leaf·i·est
1. Covered with or having leaves.
2. Consisting of leaves: Spinach is a leafy green vegetable.
3. Similar to or resembling a leaf: a leafy bryozoan.
4. Having abundant vegetation, especially deciduous trees: a leafy suburb.

leaf′i·ness n.
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My young friend was willing, in short, that the fresh verdure of his growing reputation should spread over my straggling and half-naked boughs; even as I have sometimes thought of training a vine, with its broad leafiness, and purple fruitage, over the worm-eaten posts and rafters of the rustic summer house.
A duck dish was then served, with the CHATEAU LAGRANGE 2011 showing bright blackcurrant and hedgerow fruits on the nose and a touch of mint leafiness.
Ripe, almost jammy strawberry and cherry flavors pack the palate of this rounded wine with touches of cinnamon, nutmeg, and gentle leafiness.
Complex nose, earthy, black cherries, very dry, some leafiness.
Leaf area index (LAI) (m2 m-2): LAI is a indication of leafiness per unit ground area and determines the rate of dry matter production.
But I did wonder about these joyous responses of mineI, the surly Russian populist from anti-czarist times, stoking the revolutionary fires with my leaflets and agitations and meanwhile blinking in happy astonishment at how leafy was the leafiness and how buoyant the air.
In this phase it is extremely important the availability of N, as it is the direct responsible element for the growth of new branches with flower buds and especially the good leafiness (SAO JOSE, et al.
The increase in the grass height and DM yield with increasing maturity was mainly due to stem elongation which is consistent with a reduction in leafiness with increasing maturity.
The boys are, in fact, quite Pan-like themselves, sojourning in the woods where they can be found "Ears slightly more pointed and tawny-furred, a bit of leafiness somewhere in the eyes, a manner vaguely Apriline" (101).
Clark PW, Kelm S, Endres MI (2002) Effect of feeding a corn hybrid selected for leafiness as silage or grain to lactacting dairy cattle J.
Kale looks and cooks a lot like spinach, but examining its nutrient-packed green leafiness up close reveals a versatile, delicious vegetable offering many benefits to make it a smart dietary staple.