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adj. leaf·i·er, leaf·i·est
1. Covered with or having leaves.
2. Consisting of leaves: Spinach is a leafy green vegetable.
3. Similar to or resembling a leaf: a leafy bryozoan.
4. Having abundant vegetation, especially deciduous trees: a leafy suburb.

leaf′i·ness n.
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My young friend was willing, in short, that the fresh verdure of his growing reputation should spread over my straggling and half-naked boughs; even as I have sometimes thought of training a vine, with its broad leafiness, and purple fruitage, over the worm-eaten posts and rafters of the rustic summer house.
In the mouth the texture from the fruit darts between weight and delicacy, utilising the vanilla spice from time in oak and the green leafiness framing the wine, giving it a freshness that belies the weight and structure of the tannins.
The increase in the grass height and DM yield with increasing maturity was mainly due to stem elongation which is consistent with a reduction in leafiness with increasing maturity.
The boys are, in fact, quite Pan-like themselves, sojourning in the woods where they can be found "Ears slightly more pointed and tawny-furred, a bit of leafiness somewhere in the eyes, a manner vaguely Apriline" (101).
Kale looks and cooks a lot like spinach, but examining its nutrient-packed green leafiness up close reveals a versatile, delicious vegetable offering many benefits to make it a smart dietary staple.
They emanate from a 'dream time' of Olmec heads, the dry, harsh world of Pre-Columbian South America re-memorized within the green leafiness of England's capital city.
Right on the edge of that area is the leafiness of the Taff Trail.
Woolton and Gateacre's continued leafiness can be put down to a large degree to continued vigilance on the part of its residents, and there were few more vigilant than Janet Gnosspelius.
Whereas European vines are pruned to maximize the fruit's exposure to the ripening sun, at Karm Al Nada leafiness is encouraged to provide the fruits with shade.
With Highbury Park a few hundred yards' stroll away, this two-bedroom mid-terrace Victorian villa has its own sizeable share of local leafiness.
1815) and "Fancy's Party" from the 1818 Foliage--"published," as Robinson notes with pleasure, "a year after another leafiness, Coleridge's Sibylline Leaves" (154).