lean back

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Verb1.lean back - move the upper body backwards and down
lean, tilt, angle, slant, tip - to incline or bend from a vertical position; "She leaned over the banister"
fall back - fall backwards and down

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Wall Squats: Stand close enough to a wall to lean back on it, hands to your sides or on your hips.
Tablets however invite readers to consume content in a lean back position, asking for a magazine-like content experience.
This new type of user interface was designed to align with the passive nature of the 10-foot, lean back experience, which favors consumption-friendly TV over complicated and controlled interaction.
For example, if you ask someone to kick a ball as high as possible, they will tend to lean back in order to get the ball up into the air.
Lean back, as a concept, involves more detailed and leisurely reading, with print and tablet platforms comprising it.
The Lib Dem chap is, of course, happy to lean back and watch them slug it out.
To straighten the spine, stand-up, put your hands on your lower back, and lean back.
We cannot just lean back like after the victory against Poland.
You can't lean back on them with your hands behind your head and ruminate at an appropriate angle.
Unless you have ultra-high expectations, in which case you should probably just lean back, fold your arms and continue with your Simon Cowell impression.
Created for those who like to lean back in the chair or have a less cluttered desktop, the WKB-3000UB wireless minikeyboard with optical trackball allows users to work up to 100 feet away from the USB receiver connected to the computer.