leap of faith

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v. leaped or leapt (lĕpt, lēpt), leap·ing, leaps
a. To propel oneself quickly upward or a long way; spring or jump: The goat leaped over the wall. The salmon leapt across the barrier.
b. To move quickly or suddenly: leaped out of his chair to answer the door.
a. To change quickly or abruptly from one condition or subject to another: always leaping to conclusions.
b. To act quickly or impulsively: leaped at the opportunity to travel.
c. To enter eagerly into an activity; plunge: leapt into the project with both feet.
1. To propel oneself over: I couldn't leap the brook.
2. To cause to leap: She leapt her horse over the hurdle.
a. The act of leaping; a jump.
b. A place jumped over or from.
c. The distance cleared in a leap.
2. An abrupt or precipitous passage, shift, or transition: a leap from rags to riches.
Phrasal Verb:
leap out
To be readily noticed: The sign leapt out at us from the window.
by leaps and bounds
Very quickly: growing by leaps and bounds.
leap in the dark
An act whose consequences cannot be predicted.
leap of faith
The act or an instance of believing or trusting in something intangible or incapable of being proved.

[Middle English lepen, from Old English hlēapan.]

leap′er n.

leap of faith

nVertrauensvorschuss m; to take or make a leap of faitheinen Vertrauensvorschuss gewähren; it takes a considerable leap of faith to believe that …man muss schon eine Menge Vertrauen aufbringen, um zu glauben, dass …
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This puts the power of our collective business reliability intelligence directly into a user's Web browser, so a leap of faith is no longer required to make a purchase.
Naft (Environment International): I think, from my perspective, it would be a leap of faith.
We sat down and looked at the competition on the market and she decided to take a leap of faith and offer more than the listing price because we both felt that this apartment had the potential to attract a lot of interest.
LEAP OF FAITH: Simon Riley, who was raising money for Nugent Care, along with Colin Goodman and Kelly Maxwell, inset, were among | |the daredevils to take a leap of faith at Liverpool Cathedral Abseil yesterday JAMES MALONEY
It took a leap of faith to believe he made it as a star in Coronation Street.
Another leap of faith is setting up your own business, and it's one that an increasing number of people have been making out of necessity in recent years, rather than choice.
The idea behind the Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Adventure was for me to share the lessons I have learned about believing in yourself and following your dreams.
Charlotte Allen, volunteer fundraising manager for the campaign, said: "Taking the leap of faith and signing up for this parachute jump won't just change your life - it'll help change the lives of the 70,000 babies, children and adults living with muscle disease in the UK.
From there the leader moved away and crossed the line a most impressive four and a half lengths winner from Hats My Diamond, with Leap Of Faith running on strongly to grab third on the line from Swords Spitfire.
ANDY FLOWER has repaid the leap of faith taken by the ECB and hailed his team's magnificent achievement in Australia.
top tIpS CoLoUrfUL mArCo (ShEL) roCkABILLy hEro (ShEL) LEAp of fAIth (ShEL) fArLoE forCE (ShEL)
Brooke broke her hand during rehearsal for the musical Leap of Faith.