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And they'll also get the chance to learn off the likes of Danny Brough.
Getting to play with someone like him and the ability he's got, you can learn off him every day and it's obviously fantastic to bring it into the games and share these good results.
I think everybody here has different qualities as strikers and it's only better for all of us to learn from each other - and especially for me to learn off them, the more experienced strikers here.
Aaron is a great leader, he has a lot of leadership and captaincy experience and having a player like that in the dressing room gives the younger players the opportunity to learn off him.
It's going to be a great experience for me and a great way of developing my game, I'll have to learn off the players around me.
He is a great player and I think hopefully a few of the boys will learn off him as well.
You learn off guys like that and hopefully put it into your game as well.
He can see the ropes of how it's done and learn off Robbie Keane and John O'Shea and build on that.
He knows he is going to learn off them and if he watches them closely in training he knows it is going to do him good.
And, coming through at the Blues, I tried to learn off Gethin.
It's great for me to learn off Mike Catt and Andy Farrell and the senior players.
It is nice for me to learn off Niki as he plays as that lone striker and he''s a great player.