learner driver

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A MAN is set to appear in court after a car smashed into a learner driver following a high speed police pursuit.
A learner driver and his instructor have appeared in court after allegedly being caught agreeing on a Dhs500 bribe for a test to be taken early.
5 million over three years for the Learner Driver Mentor Program, a volunteer-run program helping disadvantaged learner drivers gain crucial on-road driving experience to obtain their driver licence.
Britain's most persistent learner driver persistent learner driver passed her test at a Chippenham test centre last year, but how many attempts did she make in total?
Onroad Driving School delivers a very well structured Driving program focused on helping its learner driver pupils become safe and confident drivers and help them gain confidence to take RTA exams.
GIORGOS Kamilaris, 25, was killed in Larnaca yesterday when his motorbike crashed with a car driven by a 20-year-old learner driver at about 2.
It is not about money, more about driving instructors using common sense, they know the ability of the learner driver.
Community groups across the state will receive more funding to assist with delivering the Learner Driver Mentor Program, which helps disadvantaged people gain their driver's licences, enhancing their mobility, their independence and their job prospects.
A LEARNER driver was left in a flap after she was caught on the M62 - with only her pet parrot for company.
COULD the drivers of Liverpool please tell me why, when they see a learner driver stopped at the traffic lights, they stop only a couple of inches away from the back of the learner driver's car andwhen the learner driver stalls they decide to beep their horn in annoyance?
PARENTS adding a learner driver to insurance policies will see cover costs shoot up by thousands of pounds.
Minister Shatter said: "I am informed by the Garda authorities that a particular focus will also be on the learner driver.