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Seven students of the 81 who ordered the fractions correctly used a least common denominator, while the rest of the students relied upon their intuition.
Cuomo, on the other hand, argues that government officials should restrict themselves to moral arguments and to policies that are based either on societal consensus, or on a kind of least common denominator natural law, accepted by all relevant religious communities.
In designing a system of any type, where there is a range of requirements that need to be met to satisfy a number of diverse customers, it always helps to start at the least common denominator and then add where necessary to satisfy the more demanding requirements.
It pandered to the least common denominator," he says.
I think that's very important in a culture that's moving as fast as it can toward a kind of least common denominator of values and aesthetics.
The problem with that approach is that you'll typically wind up with a standard that reflects the least common denominator rather than sound science," he says.
Scientists studying the properties of biologically active molecules often seek to reduce a system to its least common denominator by fixing experimental conditions such as pH, ionic strength, and temperature to values which may or may not reflect in vivo conditions.
Where Bali's domestic population gained from the interaction with the flow of tourism, there has been a leveling to the least common denominator.
Staying on the cutting edge, however, also flies in the face of the accessibility issue; systems librarians, programmers, and especially Web designers fight the least common denominator at every turn.
Narrative invites reporting beyond the least common denominator, because it acknowledges complex emotions, human situations and consequences, moving conversation with readers beyond simple shared sentimentality.
In the "modern, technology-driven editorial arms race," news standards are being set less by the mainstream media than by "the least common denominator.