leather carp

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Noun1.Leather carp - scaleless domestic carpleather carp - scaleless domestic carp    
Cyprinus carpio, domestic carp - large Old World freshwater bottom-feeding fish introduced into Europe from Asia; inhabits ponds and sluggish streams and often raised for food; introduced into United States where it has become a pest
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5lb leather carp when he used a cream and coffee flavoured boilie as bait and Anthony Needs caught a 16lb mirror
CONGRATULATIONS to carp angler Fiona Byers who travelled from her home in Dumfries to Italy to capture this massive leather carp from Lago Di Salasco.
In a hectic week with bite alarms going off by day and night, Peter caught plenty of fish including a 49lb mirror, 38lb 7oz koi carp, another mirror of 21lb 15oz, a 36lb 8oz mirror, a 38lb 2oz mirror, a common carp of 32lb 14oz and a leather carp of 28lb 8oz.
Elsewhere, Carlisle carp angler Dave Storey found himself the toast of the carp fishing world when he landed a staggering record-breaking 72lb leather carp from Tortue Lake in France.
Kathy Harvey, 54, from Tilgate, Sussex, is on the prize trail with a 14lb 5oz leather carp caught at nearby Copthorne lake.
Common carp, leather carp and mirror carp all came to the landing net.
Despite, the unseasonal weather, Carp are producing sport at various locations with Tim Weldon landing a cracking Leather Carp of 18lb 6oz from Stonebridge Carp Lake.
Martin Young of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, wins an Aerial 12ft carp rod for a 7lb 14oz Norfolk lake bream and an Aerial 2000 fixed-spool reel goes to Alan Philpott, North London, for a 15lb leather carp from a Hertfordshire lake.
ALAN PHILPOTT, 50, from North London, stretched the elastic shock absorber on a 9-metre pole to hold a tearaway 15lb leather carp at a Hertfordshire lake in Waltham Cross.
The Half Round Pond is also turning up some hefty fish, the best a 21lb leather carp to Rhidian Jenkins.