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(lĕg′ə-mŭt′n, lĕg′əv-) or leg-o'-mut·ton (lĕg′ə-)
Resembling a leg of mutton in shape; tapering sharply from one large end to a point or smaller end, as a sleeve or sail.




(Clothing & Fashion) (modifier) (of a sail, sleeve, etc) tapering sharply or having a triangular profile


or leg′-o'-mut′ton,

1. having the triangular shape of a leg of mutton: a leg-of-mutton sail.
2. (of the sleeve of a dress or blouse) full and puffed from shoulder to elbow and then tightly fitted from elbow to wrist.
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Mr Ashworth, 57, was one of only two Western saddle makers in the UK but he found time to expand the business to include the repair and restoration of antique leather goods - something that has brought an enormous variety of work, from a WWII artificial leg that had broken at the main strap, to replica leg-o'-mutton flintlock pistol holders for a Napoleonic Wars re-enactment group.
The dress managed to be both a vision and reflection of early 1980s romanticism, and a homage to the incredibly ornate royal wedding gowns of the 1700s and early 1800s: adorned with tiny silk-ribbon bows, frilled leg-o'-mutton sleeves and panels of handwoven lace.