legal eagle

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le′gal ea′gle

Informal. a lawyer.
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Former attorney and television producer Micheline Keller and her sister Patricia Herskovic introduce the first book in a new series for children, Legal Beagles.
His group, plus Money Saving Expert, Consumer Action Group and Legal Beagles have formulated new arguments to challenge what they claim is unfairness by the banking groups.
The whole scheme design and its implementation is flawed and I am sure when the legal beagles get into it, it will also be shown to be illegal.
One from legal beagles O'Connors who specialise in advice on insurance, funding and business development.
If that happens (a 20-1 longshot) the Pakistan legal beagles say they will bring a counter-charge of defamation against the ICC and Hair.
Otherwise, the track's credibility will sink without trace, and others - notably those owned by Arena Leisure and Racecourse Holdings Trust - that have been affected by the newcomer's presence in two annual fixture-bidding processes will descend on the BHB's successor, accompanied by a phalanx of legal beagles.
Liability coverage shrinks, often to zero, when class action legal beagles start sniffing around.
Speaking of PeaceHealth, the legal beagles will have to wait another week before they can attack the city's approval of the project by filing an appeal.
While the legal beagles and spin doctors had executed the wishes of their politicised bureaucratic masters, they had forgotten one key part of the organisation: the troops in the field, at sea and in the air.
The latest illustration comes from New York, where the legal beagles of the Transit Authority, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, and a fistful of judges came to the conclusion that it's OK for women to ride the subways topless, unless they are also smoking, chewing gum or panhandling.
FIVE aspiring young legal beagles share a London house in an irreverent new 11-part comedy drama This Life (tomorrow, BBC2).