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n. pl. in·com·pe·ten·cies
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Noun1.incompetency - lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualificationsincompetency - lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications
inability, unfitness - lacking the power to perform


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The mission of guardianship monitoring is to collect, provide, and evaluate information about the well-being and property of all persons adjudicated of having a legal incapacity so that the court can fulfill its legal obligation to protect and preserve the interests of the ward, and (92) thereby promote confidence in the judicial process.
Blocking the work of the Committee is against the Ohrid Agreement and this discloses the political and legal incapacity of Albanians for taking decisions even when the Constitution guarantees them that," Ismaili said.
In fact, the Code Napoleon relegated women to a position of legal incapacity - the same category occupied by criminals, the mentally ill, and children.

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