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1. Overly strict or rigid adherence to the law or to a religious or moral code.
2. A legal term or expression, especially one that is unnecessarily technical.

le′gal·ist n.
le′gal·is′tic adj.
le′gal·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


advlegalistisch; to examine the issues legalisticallydie Fragen nach dem Wortlaut des Gesetzes betrachten
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Jesus reinterprets them to follow the spirit of the law, rather than legalistically attempting to find ways around the letter of the law (which Matthew accuses the Jewish or Judean leadership of the day of doing).
10, saying, "I find the policy, as stated, judgmental, exclusionary, uncomprehending of essential considerations and legalistically simplistic.
66) For the contrary and legalistically narrow view that only bishops determined doctrine at Trent, see Lennerz, "De congregationibus" 21.
See Mark Danner, The Massacre at El Mazote 89 (1993); see also Genocide Report, supra note 150, at 10 ("It could seem pedantic to argue that some terrible mass-killings are legalistically not genocide .
At a distance of less than 40 years, it is hard to recall the climate of legalistically controlled uniformity in which Catholics were living during the 1950s and for some considerable time before.
If responsibilities are defined too narrowly, technically, or legalistically, there is a danger that moral concern and imagination will be lost.
Ackerman's regret about the legalistically legitimate Dred Scott
The Commission has already warned the French government that there is no valid legal base for their moratorium, and it is instructive to note that the more legalistically minded UK government has opted for a relatively soft voluntary agreement.
As the title of the chapter intimates, Homer will "break the rules," and, in so doing, he will come to understand that ethical law cannot be approached legalistically, a point that Irving underscores via his own method of storytelling.
The mainland government, so far, continues efforts to educate the mass of people to think more legalistically, which is really the key.
Beneath the surface of this upheaval, a variety of difficult issues await resolution, among them the question of what to do with the traditional, two-bylaws model, legalistically oriented "organized medical staff" in U.
Given the legalistically entangled and complicated nature of the border issue, and short of a comprehensive agreement involving Syria, Lebanon and Israel cannot agree on the definition of the international border, and on what will constitute complete Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.