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One that makes a will; a testator.

[Latin lēgātor, from lēgāre, to bequeath; see legacy.]


(Law) a person who gives a legacy or makes a bequest
[C17: from Latin, from lēgāre to bequeath; see legate]
ˌlegaˈtorial adj
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For example, if I have a legal claim on an inheritance, it is because the legator has left me a bequest in his will.
He said: "The legator wanted it to be used in an acquisition and we've been working with the family for some time to find an acquisition that they were happy with.
More recent studies, however, suggest health effects in communities chronically exposed to low environmental hydrogen sulfide levels (Bates, Garrett, Graham, & Read, 1997, 1998; Bates, Garrett, & Shoemack, 2002; Durand & Wilson, 2006; Hansell & Oppenheimer, 2004; Legator, Singleton, Morris, & Philips, 2001).
Adams JB, Romdalvik J, Ramanujam VM, Legator MS (2007) Mercury, lead, and zinc in baby teeth of children with autism versus controls.
Munne S, Magli C, Bahce M, Fung J, Legator M, Morrison L, et al.
Marvin Legator to do a simple survey study in the city of Port Arthur.
The legator of such planetary brotherhood is the Christian god, yet the spirit is in some implicit sense actually that of the French revolution.
In another study, in 2000, University of Texas toxicology professor Marvin Legator surveyed people living in public housing in Port Arthur and compared their health with a control group in Galveston, some 60 miles away.
However, once the estate tax is abolished in 2010, the capital gains tax that the inheritor pays eventually when the asset is sold will be determined by the acquisition cost of the asset of the legator.
s are "just an excuse not to cleanup the workplace," says Marvin Legator, a geneticist at the University of Texas at Galveston and a leading researcher on reproductive hazards.
Allan Legator, secretary and chief financial officer, noted, "These significant corporate milestones represent the transformation of New Motion into a leading mobile entertainment company and our first full quarter as a publicly traded company.