lemonade mix

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Noun1.lemonade mix - a commercial mix for making lemonade
ready-mix - a commercial preparation containing most of the ingredients for a dish
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47-gram) tubes pink lemonade mix 2 quarts water 1 (2-liter) bottle ginger ale In a large container, combine lemonade mix and water.
The lemonade mix doesn't contain many of the nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.
Grand Brands, the Baltimore-based manufacturer of True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange instant all-natural citrus packets, has introduced True Lemon Naturally Sweet, which it is billing as the first all-natural, low-calorie lemonade mix.
Cook crushed pineapple with a little sugar and dry lemonade mix.
So she replaced a slow-moving mixer on the gun dispensing system with a commercially prepared lemonade mix.