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(Environmental Science) ecology of, relating to, or inhabiting still water: a lentic fauna. Compare lotic
[C20: from Latin lentus slow]


(ˈlɛn tɪk)

pertaining to or living in still water.
[1930–35; < Latin lent(us) slow, motionless + -ic]
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Adj.1.lentic - of or relating to or living in still waters (as lakes or ponds)
lake - a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land
lotic - of or relating to or living in actively moving water
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Clearance of laboratory-cultured bacteria by freshwater bivalves: differences between lentic and lotic unionids.
Heavy deposits of sediment can cause mortality in unbranched-gemmulated colonies of Spongilla lacustris in lentic systems (Frost et al.
The A-2 ST exploration well at East Cameron 321 has been logged with over 140 net feet of potential pay in five zones and is currently being completed in the exploratory Lentic 1 sand.
These taxa are characteristic of lentic and slow-moving lotic bodies of water in this area.
Rainbowfishes are small (usually < 10 cm SL), colourful fishes which occur in a wide range of lotic and lentic habitats from clear, rapidly flowing streams to semi-stagnant mud holes.
bifurcata, it seems to have a wider range of ecological tolerances, having been taken from both lotic and lentic habitats.
Telemetry studies have been conducted on both lentic and lotic fishes, and are commonly employed to assess habitat use (Paukert and Willis 2002), daily movement (Helfman et al.
In lentic habitats, aquatic nets were swept vigorously through submergent vegetation.
Dams also block movement of fishes and affect habitat and physicochemical conditions of streams by converting lotic habitats to lentic, changing stream flow, altering water quality and modifying channel morphology and bed structure by increasing siltation upstream and erosion downstream (Sear et al.
The state has 7000 hectares and 2000 km of lentic and iotic water resources respectively.
The most prevalent use for rotenone applications in lentic waters was reported as maintenance of sport fisheries (McClay 2000).