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 (lĕp′ĭ-dŏp′tə-rē) also lep·i·dop·ter·ol·o·gy (-tə-rŏl′ə-jē)
The branch of entomology that deals with lepidopterans.

lep′i·dop′ter·ist n.
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Noun1.lepidoptery - the branch of entomology dealing with Lepidoptera
bugology, entomology - the branch of zoology that studies insects
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Designed and curated by Adefuin Design Studio and furniture-maker Sigvard Collections, the biographical show pays homage to Nuyda's dedication to lepidoptery, the study of butterflies and moths, and his signature painting style, inspired by impressions of his butterfly-hunting trips around the Philippines.
No science without fancy, no art without facts: The lepidoptery of Vladimir Nabokov' is the title of Stephen Gould's essay on Nabokov, where he quotes the Russian: 'I cannot separate the aesthetic pleasure of seeing a butterfly and the scientific pleasure of knowing what it is.
It is fair to claim that Nabokov's early experience with the microscope and photography, along with his life-long devotion to lepidoptery, might inform his choice of optical imagery when he talks about his childhood and time in Speak, Memory.