lesser kudu

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Noun1.lesser kudu - a smaller variety of kudulesser kudu - a smaller variety of kudu    
koodoo, koudou, kudu - either of two spiral-horned antelopes of the African bush
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Along the way we saw many pairs of the little and timid dik-diks, small herds of impala, a lone lesser kudu and a confusion of bird species.
Although similar in color and horn configuration, the lesser kudu of East Africa is an altogether different animal, much less than half the size.
I started with them and maybe half an hour later in a place which looked like a clearing in the thorn bushes there was a lesser kudu bull browsing quietly, broadside, not more than 50 yards away.
If you've ever watched those wildlife shows on the education channel and seen a pack of timber wolves chasing down a moose calf, or a pride of lions ripping out the entrails of a lesser kudu, then you had a fair picture of what's about to happen.
It's not overrun by cars, yet it boasts about 30,000 zebra, 25,000 wildebeest, 5,000 elephant, 5,000 buffalo, 5,000 eland, 2,500 Masaai giraffe, as well as harder-to-spot species like the fringe-eared oryx, lesser kudu (a forest antelope) and the dik dik (a pint-sized species of antelope).