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Contraction of let us.


contraction of
let us: used to express a suggestion, command, etc, by the speaker to himself and his hearers


contraction of let us.
usage: See contraction, let1.


let us
1. let's

You use let's when you are suggesting that you and someone else should do something. Let's is short for 'let us'. It is followed by an infinitive without to.

Let's go outside.
Let's decide what we want.

The full form let us is used with this meaning only in formal English.

Let us postpone the matter.

If you are suggesting that you and someone else should not do something, you say let's not.

Let's not talk about that.
Let's not waste time.
2. 'let us'

When you are talking about you and someone else being allowed to do something, use let us.

They wouldn't let us leave.
His mum let us stay there for free.

You can use let us when you are making a request on behalf of yourself and someone else. In sentences like these, don't shorten let us to 'let's'.

Let us know what progress has been made.
References in classic literature ?
Let's each buy what we want, and have a little fun.
This year's Summit will mark the beginning of Let's Erase the Stigma Youth Day, an annual cultural event that invites young people to plan clear ideas of how they can create lasting change in the perception of mental illness through social inclusion, prevention, early education, and peer-to-peer dialogue.
NO TOYS Let the lights of love burn bright tonight Merry Christmas let's be jolly Christmas carols lots of holly Christmas time to celebrate Let's enjoy the Christmas cake Children playing with their toys Santa's little girls and boys So let's be generous and you'll see Give a toy from you to me Little children all around Enjoy the tunes of Christmas sound Santa's singing let's have fun Now that Christmas has begun Open presents let's be merry Christmas trees tinsel and cherry Santa's coming and you'll see Make the children happy as can be All the little children that need you and me.
Let's bash a politician Let's cast his folk in doubt Let's kick him in the hustings Before we kick him out Let's question his credentials To join the human race Tell him how it really is Almost, nearly, to his face Let's tell him we're not happy With the way we're feeling sad Let's blame him now we're missing All the things we've never had And be fearless in our bashing For unlike Bill or Jack When we bash a politician They never hit us back Except for John Prescott, of course
By all means, let's continue to criticize the system and re-engineer the processes.
Suddenly the sky became dark again, everything started to close down, shops lay empty, businesses moved to cheaper foreign lands and government declared Wales redundant again and said let's fill it with as many wind farms as we can to provide income for the rich and jobs for foreign companies, the Welsh are used to a miserable life.
Instead of just a quick test drive around the block, this really let's them get comfortable with the car,'' said Tom Lokovic, general sales manager at the Volvo dealership in San Bernardino.
Let's make a little room in our parishes, then, for the great drafts of internal silence that seem to be so inviting to God.
And let's get this straight--should never waste time on a dude who makes you feel confused, sad, nervous, insecure, jealous or anything other than fabulous, even if he is cuter than a litter of kittens
Not only for that but the season is here, the challenges are here, let's roll.