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At first, everyone was eager to write, and plump envelopes were carefully poked into the letter box by one or other of the sisters, who felt rather important with their Washington correspondence.
Then one morning there came an enigmatic note slipped into our letter box.
Keeping in view of the genuine problem of the residents, postal concerned authorities are requested to open one branch of the post office and letter box be placed at prominent place at Main boulevard Road Gulshan-e-Ravi for easy convenient to the residents.
She is 70 years old and lives alone but she didn't know she had one in the letter box until someone knocked at her door and gave it to her along with a parcel.
If you get a wage slip or something like that you have to make sure it goes all the way through the letter box.
In many cases the people who put these through your letter box are foreigners working for backstreet organisations that are not registered for VAT.
So if it takes a red letter day to fill the red letter box, so be it.
Even worse is the trend, which seems particularly prevalent in Hexham, of putting stiff brushes the other side of the letter box flap.
This woman lives in the east end of Glasgow and I hope she reads this - there is no way she is getting another free Glaswegian put through her letter box as long as I'm helping to deliver them.
Thomas Nolan, 36, sparked a terrifying drama after pouring paint thinner through a family's letter box and setting it alight.
POSTMEN never have trouble delivering oversize envelopes at artist Gillian Ayres's cottage - her letter box is 10ft tall.
A family has been left "devastated" after thugs abducted and killed their two kittens, posting the tail of one through their letter box.