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The development or design of the shape of an alphabet letter.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) typography the shape of a letter or character


(ˈlɛt ərˌfɔrm)

the shape of a letter of the alphabet with regard to its design or historical development.
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Caption: Emily Oberman's typographic work on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them features "Fontastic Beasts," which has spiny bristles that break out across the letterforms and a whimsical extended "S" hinting at the creatures in the film.
I moved from the more formal scripts I had originally learnt and found my own letterforms emerging from those.
Chahine is a Lebanese type designer specializing in Arabic letterforms and legibility research.
Listening to Type" proves that type is much more than groups of letterforms on a page; it is a language with the ability to convey meaning and evoke emotions beyond the spoken words it symbolizes.
The sans-serif type is given character by subtly clipping the 'T' letterforms, echoing the blue angle.
In these designs, letterforms may represent "visual shapes which stand for objects from reality, signal states-of-affairs or actions, and illustrate emotions" (Stockl, 2005, p.
The letterforms are balanced, contemporary and distinctive with the 'A' echoing the dynamic architectural forms seen across Bahrain which are recognised and admired the world over.
Distinctive letterforms in the primary text and rubrics suggest that both were the work of a single scribe.
The meaning, sound, and letterforms were all elements we wanted to work together to reinforce the concept, an abstracted and visual onomatopoeia.
They specifically abandoned the calligraphic shapes that had defined letterforms since the first roman typefaces were forged in imitation of humanist handwriting in the late fifteenth century (Mosley, "The 'Romain du Roi'" 52).
A harmony of artful design and engineered precision, the dimensional ribbon-like letterforms speak to the impact of FMAV's creativity, technical innovation and operational excellence both behind-the-scenes and in front of the audience.
There are few occasions where a Trajan-inspired Roman is used, but gratifyingly few, his was an approach to letterforms which sprang from ongoing interests and the words to hand, not on accepted dogma or practice.