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n. pl. lei (lā)
See Table at currency.

[Romanian, from Latin leō, lion (from the image of a lion on a coin used in the late Ottoman Empire); see lion.]


n, pl lei (leɪ)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Romania and Moldova, divided into 100 bani
[from Romanian: lion]


(ˈlɛ ʊ)

n., pl. lei (leɪ)
the basic monetary unit of Romania.
[1875–80; < Romanian: literally, lion]


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Noun1.leu - the basic unit of money in Moldova
Moldovan monetary unit - monetary unit in Moldova
2.leu - the basic unit of money in Romania
Romanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Romania
ban - 100 bani equal 1 leu in Romania
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The IAEA LEU Bank, operated by Kazakhstan, will host a reserve of LEU, the basic ingredient of nuclear fuel, and act as a supplier of last resort for Member States in case they cannot obtain LEU on the global commercial market or otherwise subject to conformance with the eligibility criteria set out by the IAEA Board of Governors.
LEU is used to make the fuel that powers most nuclear reactors around the world.
This decision has no immediate impact on the government's collection of countervailing and antidumping duty deposits on LEU imports from France.
constitutes the domestic uranium enrichment industry with eligibility to request a trade investigation of imported LEU.
Earlier this month, the department issued the final results of its administrative reviews of countervailing duty orders imposed on government-subsidized LEU imports from Eurodif and the British-Dutch-German consortium Urenco, Ltd.
In 2002, after a yearlong investigation, the department found that two European enrichers were receiving unfair subsidies and, in the case of the French enricher, dumping LEU in the U.