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also leu·cot·o·my (lo͞o-kŏt′ə-mē)
n. pl. leu·kot·o·mies also leu·cot·o·mies Chiefly British
A prefrontal lobotomy.

[leuko- (referring to the white matter of the brain) + -tomy.]
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Noun1.leukotomy - surgical interruption of nerve tracts to and from the frontal lobe of the brain; often results in marked cognitive and personality changes
psychosurgery - brain surgery on human patients intended to relieve severe and otherwise intractable mental or behavioral problems
transorbital lobotomy - a method of performing prefrontal lobotomy in which the surgical knife is inserted above the eyeball and moved to cut brain fibers
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Hanson (1999) "Smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movement performance in a prefrontal leukotomy patient".
And pre-frontal lobotomy or leukotomy is a horror--a murderous reduction of a human being to an automaton--no prefrontal lobe to the cortex--like a de-corticated pigeon on a hot plate, lifting first one foot and then putting it down and raising the other -repeating endlessly.
Neurosurgery, such as limbic leukotomy or bilateral subcortical tractotomy, may produce benefits for refractory patients whose severe symptoms make normal life impossible, but it remains very much a treatment of last resort, Dr.