level best

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Noun1.level best - the greatest possible degree; "he tried his utmost"
limit, bound, boundary - the greatest possible degree of something; "what he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior"; "to the limit of his ability"
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And Tom said he'd bet the quarreling was all Jubiter's fault, and he was going to be on hand the first time he got a chance, and see; and if it was so, he was going to do his level best to get Uncle Silas to turn him off.
He fetched another acorn, and done his level best to see what become of it, but he couldn't.
When I got up stairs I looked out at the window and see Tom doing his level best with the lightning-rod, but he couldn't come it, his hands was so sore.
All these useless regrets were getting me in a bad way; but at last I shook myself and tried to put such things out of my mind and take hold of conditions as they existed and do my level best to wrest victory from defeat.
Then came a pause, each of us aiming his level best, as indeed a man is likely to do when he knows that life itself depends upon the shot.
I did my level best to leave you behind, but you wouldn't listen to me.
I believe that any man's life will be filled with constant, unexpected encouragements of this kind if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day of his life--that is, tries to make each day reach as nearly as possible the high-water mark of pure, unselfish, useful living.
One of the think-tank and key official of Leisure Leagues, which brought Ronaldinho and Friends comprising of several foreign players last year, Shahzeb said in a message from Birmingham that he will be trying his level best use this platform to promote and bring more international football action to Pakistan.
The next match will be against Uzbekistan and we will do our level best to win it,' he said.
The fast bowler said that though the team tried its level best to win the ODI series but unfortunately batting and bowling did not work in tandem.
Across: 9, Over a-gain 10, Runner-up 12, Edam (rev) 13, Charge 14, Her-bag-e 15, Hard lines 17, Te-stame-nt 18, Regards 20, Bed-lam 21, Scar(F) 24, Ball gown 26, Composed 28, The -(ma)n 29, Be-a-con 31, No-strum 34, Em-men-thal 36, Suggested 38, Caps-tan 39, Ro-as-ts 40, Fair 41, I-nterest 42, Level best.
They also prayed Allah for success of Pervaiz Malik and assured their cooperation to him at their level best.