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 (lĕv′yə-lōs′, -lōz′)

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Noun1.levulose - a simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits
ketohexose - a monosaccharide having six carbon atoms and a ketone group


n. levulosa. V.: fructose
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Actually we are using a natural product called levulose.
There are some chemical similarities between fructose (man-made) and levulose (made by nature), and so the synthetically refined sugar fructose was labeled in a way to make one believe it comes from fruit.
These include corn sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, glucose syrup, high-fructose glucose syrup, honey, invert sugar, invert sugar syrup, isoglucose, levulose, maltose, molasses, sucrose and sucrose syrup.