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adj. lewd·er, lewd·est
a. Preoccupied with sex and sexual desire; lustful.
b. Obscene; indecent.
2. Obsolete Wicked.

[Middle English leued, unlearned, lay, lascivious, from Old English lǣwede, ignorant, lay.]

lewd′ly adv.
lewd′ness n.
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Adv.1.lewdly - in a lewd and obscene manner; "he had seen how in their dances the white men and women held one another obscenely"


[ˈluːdlɪ] ADVlascivamente


advanzüglich; he spoke lewdly about his amorous adventureser erzählte lüstern or in anzüglicher Weise von seinen amourösen Abenteuern
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OAPs Behaving Badly (Wednesday, Channel 5) shines a light on a new breed of pensioner: party animals who are not so much raging against the dying of the light but waving two fingers at it and partying their way to the other side lewdly and rudely.
acts, masturbation, excretion, and lewdly displayed genitals.
stories full exotic He dipped a tubby finger into the cocktail mixture, tasting it lewdly, and said, 'Delicious.
She describes her 'tipping point' in March 2012 in her book Everyday Sexism: "It was a week of little pinpricks; the man who appeared as I sat outside a cafe, seized my hand and refused to let go; the guy who followed me o' the bus and lewdly propositioned me all the way to my front door.
Melbourne, March 12 ( ANI ): A police officer has claimed that he was fired after reporting a fellow cop's lewdly viewing of Whitney Houston's naked body.
When he turned back, Cynthia was holding up a spoonful of gravy for Russell to taste, and Russell's mouth--wide and slick, lips lewdly spread--was heading in the direction of her chest.
I'm quoting Shakespeare inaccurately, and a little lewdly too, but the central idea is one that I learned over many years of yo-yoing between, as a particular national tabloid might put it, "sporting a noticeable paunch" and "flaunting his new toned frame".
I'm told twerking is a highly sexual dance, full of squatting, popping and jiggling, so lewdly energetic that I put my back out just reading about it.
Miley Cyrus, take note: Acting out lewdly at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards might have garnered some stinging public criticism for the former Disney child star.
Palate" harks back to the butcher-aisle orgy of Carolee Schneemann's Meat joy, 1964, or, of course, the lewdly anthropomorphic luncheonette fare of Claes Olden burg's "The Store," 1961.
It was last night revealed another victim, now 62, claimed the star sneaked into bedrooms at a boarding school and lewdly propositioned her when she was 15.
com that "Kick-Ass" screenwriter Mark Millar has plans for a lewdly named sidekick for Red Mist.