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Noun1.lexical database - a database of information about words
computer database, electronic database, electronic information service, on-line database - (computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
electronic dictionary, machine readable dictionary, MRD - a machine-readable version of a standard dictionary; organized alphabetically
wordnet - any of the machine-readable lexical databases modeled after the Princeton WordNet
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Its aim is to discuss the advances as well as the issues of lemmatization on a lexical database.
The book expands upon researcher Kristine StenzelAEs 2004 dissertation (University of Colorado) based on an extensive lexical database and recorded interviews with members of the Kotiria, as well as observations by Stenzel about the Kotiria.
El metodo utiliza WordNet (Miller, Beckwith, Gross, Fellbaum, & Miller, 1990; WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database, 1998) como repositorio de sentidos.
WordNet dictionary is a large lexical database containing English language words with 117000 synsets that linked to each other and are grouped into sets of logical synonyms called synsets.
In order to do so, the Health Science Corpus was compiled and a lexical database designed.
Semantic resources can be performed from lexical database within several domains.
We will also briefly refer to the lexical database of English, FrameNet (5), in order to better understand the semantics of the verbs under scrutiny:
By analysing the rules and operations that produce the 3,356 adjectives which the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (www.
After gathering at least 200 such reports from the three men, the researchers used a lexical database to group the dreamed objects in coarse categories, such as street, furniture and girl.
Miller, "WordNet: A Lexical Database for English," Communications of the ACM, vol.
It appears that our children are slower searching for a particular pseudoword within their brain's lexical database, which is still under development.