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Noun1.lexical disambiguation - disambiguation of the sense of a polysemantic word
disambiguation - clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity
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For example, recently published OS microtheories address topics such as lexical disambiguation (McShane, Nirenburg, and Beale 2016), multiword expressions (McShane, Nirenburg, and Beale 2015), nominal compounds (McShane, Beale, and Babkin 2014), verb phrase ellipsis (McShane and Babkin 2016a), and unexpected input (McShane, Blissett, and Nirenburg 2017).
ABSTRACT: This paper applies Pustejovsky's Oualia structure approach to describe homography in Brazilian Portuguese and highlights specific linguistic strategies for treating the phenomenon within the natural language processing domain Pustejovsk's quale roles--Formal, Telic, Agentive and Constitutive--were selected as semantic devices to aid natural language processing systems in the task of lexical disambiguation The proposal was implemented in a toy Lexical-Kwowledge-Base system where lexical items are interrelated by quale roles
selectional restrictions such as "animate" and "abstract") for lexical disambiguation (Byrd et al.