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1. Of or relating to the vocabulary, words, or morphemes of a language.
2. Of or relating to lexicography or a lexicon.

lex′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
lex′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.lexically - by means of words; "lexically represented"
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Dialects of a language differ grammatically, lexically and phonologically, but are mutually intelligible as they differ in systematic ways, wrote Victoria Fromkin in her 'Introduction to Language'.
Throughout his life Ivanov was striving for a unified Mari literary standard, for a competitive Mari language that is lexically rich and avails of modern scientific terminology, at least in the fields of social sciences and humanities (see Iva nov 2005).
For example, NLP studies of L2 lexis have shown that more lexically proficient L2 learners produce less concrete words, less specific words, a greater variety of words, less frequent words, less familiar words, and words with more senses (Crossley & McNamara, 2013; Crossley, Salsbury, & McNamara, 2009; Crossley, Salsbury, & McNamara, 2013; Crossley, Salsbury, McNamara, & Jarvis, 2010; Crossley, Salsbury, McNamara, & Jarvis, 2011; Kyle & Crossley, 2015).
Certainly, parsing the meaning of a poem as cryptic, and lexically and syntactically convoluted, as this makes for a difficult experiment--and stable, coherent meanings are hard to come by.
haughty," is attested lexically and in only one literary
Higher values of D indicate more lexically diverse speech.
As illustrated in Table 1, a text can become complex by being either lexically dense (i.
Among their topics are the syllabic position of glides in Spanish: insights from the Pasiego vowel harmony, on onset clusters in Spanish: voiced onset underspecification and /f/, the challenge of lexically empty onsets in first language acquisition of Spanish and German, Spanish vocalic epenthesis: the phonetics of the mora, and the phonological weight of Spanish syllables.
The second variation has eliminate the set of given words from the input and lets the player look for any lexically correct word from a given language within a time limit.
James Griffin has plausibly suggested that part way through the sequence we may reach a world--let us call it J--in which the lives are lexically superior to those that follow.
Against this background, the FIS borders crucially on with his didactic aspect of lexically oriented knowledge management systems.
Ijarain an Arabic word lexically means to give something or to provide some services on rent, but in this paper we particularly discussed Ijara for physical assets.