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The process or work of writing, editing, or compiling a dictionary.

lex′i·co·graph′ic (-kə-grăf′ĭk), lex′i·co·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
lex′i·co·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.lexicographic - of or relating to lexicography


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The three parts are connected to demonstrate the possible discrepancies between the lexicographic and ethnographic sources and the field data in their interpretations of the meanings of various lexemes.
Objective: The project proposes to integrate, Extend and harmonise national and regional efforts in the field of lexicography, Both modern and historical, With the goal of creating a sustainable infrastructure which will (1) enable efficient access to high quality lexical data in the digital age, And (2) bridge the gap between more advanced and lesser-resourced scholarly communities working on lexicographic resources.
Some of these lexicographic works explain the women's parlance that included some of the secret vocabulary which, as put by Waheeda Naseem, men do not get even a whiff of.
This paper reviews the major semantic patterns based on the lexicographic evidence provided by the electronic (on--line) version of the second edition of The Oxford English Dictionary (hereafter, OED) on noun--verb pairs related by conversion.
Discussions of the digitisation of various encyclopedic and lexicographic publications in the July 2016 issue of this journal (Vol.
The text of Budny discusses a quite relevant question to the lexicological and lexicographic studies dedicated to the elaboration of bilingual dictionaries--the equivalence between units of the different languages.
With the purpose of editing the files that form our inventory, we consulted various recent lexicographic works (a special dictionary of Anglicisms, general dictionaries and an Americanisms dictionary) in order to observe to what extent the Anglicisms used in the print media are recorded in these works.
The security mechanism based on encryption/decryption algorithm needed to generate a key according to the random number (Prasad et al, 2014; Bharatesh and Rohith, 2014; Cui, 2013), and all the keys were arranged in lexicographic order.
Lexicographic preferences aptly describe the city's implicit preferences when it comes to parking and buses--or parking and home prices, as it turns out.
The motivation of the present study is to give computational algorithm for solving multiobjective linear goal programming problem and Lexicographic goal programming problem by single valued neutrosophic optimization approach.
exploiting the lexicographic potential of the Polish translations of English phrasal verbs found in a parallel corpus (see Perdek 2012)
Even those contributions that do not introduce new texts often offer invaluable wordlists and other lexicographic resources (Corriente, "Iranian Lexical Stock," pp.