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also li·bel·lant  (lī′bə-lənt)
The plaintiff in a case of ecclesiastical or admiralty libel.


(ˈlaɪ bə lənt)

a person who institutes a charge of libel.
Also, esp. Brit.,li′bel•lant.
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Steamship Pesaro, the same vessel but another libelant was involved in a later transaction.
Instead of entirely forfeiting a claim because of such an arrest, the in rem libelant was made answerable for "any damages" sustained as a result of the arrest if the libelant had either "actual or constructive knowledge that the vessel or cargo of a foreign state was involved.
sections] 742 (1994) ("The libelant shall forthwith serve a copy of his libel on the United States attorney for such district and mail a copy thereof by registered mail to the Attorney General of the United States) (emphasis added).