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also li·bel·lant  (lī′bə-lənt)
The plaintiff in a case of ecclesiastical or admiralty libel.


(ˈlaɪbələnt) or


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a party who brings an action in the ecclesiastical courts by presenting a libel
2. (Law) a person who publishes a libel
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93) Consequently, the court entered a decree in favor of the libellant for the losses he sustained.
Both of the South Carolina cases involved a French captor, but M'Grath concerned an American libellant, and Bolchos a British libellant (with a Spanish party also interested).
They argued that French nationals had "violently and forcibly taken" the ship from them on the high seas "in violation of the rights of the libellants, and of the law of nations," and that "no sentence or decree of condemnation had been pronounced against her, by any [French] court of competent jurisdiction.