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One to whom or to which a license is granted.


(Law) a person who holds a licence, esp one to sell alcoholic drink


or li•cen•cee

(ˌlaɪ sənˈsi)

a person, company, etc., to whom a license is granted or issued.
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Noun1.licensee - someone to whom a license is granted
retail merchant, retailer - a merchant who sells goods at retail
المُرَخَّص، شَخْص حامِل إجازَه
-ka koncesemajitel
majiteľ koncesie
ruhsat sahibi kimse


[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] Nconcesionario/a m/f (Brit) [of bar] → patrón/ona m/f


[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] n (British) [pub] → patron(ne) m/f, gérant(e) m/flicensing agreement naccord m de licencelicensing hours npl (British)heures fpl d'ouverture légales (des débits de boisson)licensing laws npl (British)lois fpl sur la vente d'alcool


n ? licenceKonzessions-/Lizenzinhaber(in) m(f)/Inhaber(in) m(f)eines Waffenscheins etc; (of bar)Inhaber(in) m(f)einer Schankerlaubnis; the licensee of our local pub (Brit) or barder Wirt unserer Stammkneipe


[ˌlaɪsənˈsiː] n (in pub) → titolare m/f di licenza per la vendita di bevande alcoliche


(American) license (ˈlaisəns) noun
a (printed) form giving permission to do something (eg to keep a television set etc, drive a car, sell alcohol etc). a driving licence.
ˈlicense verb
to give a licence to or permit. He is licensed to sell alcohol.
ˈlicensed adjective
(of a shop, hotel etc) legally allowed to sell alcohol to customers. a licensed grocer.
licenˈsee noun
a person to whom a licence (especially to keep a licensed hotel or public house) has been given.

licence is a noun: a licence (not license) to sell alcohol.
license is a verb: licensed (not licenced) to drive a goods vehicle.
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54: Confidential Information Defined, Exception "Confidential information" includes all information obtained by a licensee, in their professional capacity, concerning a client or a prospective client, except that it does not include information obtained from a prospective client who does not subsequently become a client, where all of the following conditions are met:
If, based on that assessment, the FCC's maximum permissible exposure ("MPE") limits for humans are exceeded, and the facilities cannot be brought into compliance, the applicant or licensee installing or operating an Antenna must prepare an environmental assessment ("EA") and submit that EA to the FCC.
It dictates that licensees are not permitted to conduct a CMA or an opinion of value on property that is outside the realm of his/her expertise, unless: 1) the licensee obtains the help of an expert on that type of property or 2) the licensee discloses his/her lack of experience with that type of property to the client.
Hawley says each licensee has different requirements for material handling, storage and drying, and systems are tailored accordingly.
These SPD-Smart cabin windows are manufactured by our licensee InspecTech Aero Service.
If the successor trustee is the licensee owner's spouse, which is generally the case, he or she might be at a loss for how to go about valuing and selling the assets.
To assure public protection, state boards of accountancy could discipline licensees from other states practicing under substantial equivalency; in addition, a licensee's home state board could discipline the licensee for violating the law in another state when performing services there.
Licensee costs can and do vary according to a number of factors.
The firm's chief executive officer, as well as the person in charge of each office performing financial statement attest and compilation services and other engagements governed by the American Institute of CPAs statements on auditing standards or statements on standards for accounting and review services, must be a licensee.
If a licensee has not come to an agreement with Sprint Nextel on a Frequency Reconfiguration Agreement ("FRA") and submitted the FRA to the TA by the end of the mandatory negotiation period on January 31, 2007, a TA Mediator will conduct mediation.
Change Notice and Amendment - A Change Notice serves as the mechanism for a licensee to notify Sprint Nextel and the TA of changes to the scope of its planning or reconfiguration activities subsequent to the execution of its TA-approved Planning Funding Agreement (PFA) or FRA.
com), a European Facing Turn Key I-gaming platform solution and e-commerce services provider, is pleased to announce the addition of a new licensee.