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A fawning underling; a toady.


(ˈlɪkˌspɪtəl) or


a flattering or servile person


(ˈlɪkˌspɪt l)

also lick′spit`,

a contemptible, fawning person; a servile flatterer or toady.


[ˈlɪkspɪtl] Ncobista mf, pelotillero/a m/f
References in classic literature ?
lickspittle is only the blackmailer under another aspect, although the
Not content with trying to bring you to a bed of sickness, these lickspittles and pestilent old men are trying to bring me to the same.
With the blessing of Republican leaders, the lickspittle wing of the GOP is now firmly in charge.
The Constitutional Council a lickspittle of then incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo declared for Gbagbo, provoking a deadlock in which each swore himself in as president.
Meanwhile the summit love-in has been disrupted by the lickspittle Mexican president, who wants the U.
He would reserve his most secret plans for the few most Nazified officers in his military family, especially Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, head of the armed forces, and his deputy, Colonel General Alfred Jodi--two lickspittle yes-men.
This led to a lickspittle approach where journalists became sycophantic ciphers of the state.
An unholy alliance of nitwit pseudo-Greens and wooly-minded liberals, lickspittle planners who push projects though against overwhelming local opposition and county councillors who 'forget' that they have tried to erect a turbine on their own land (The Journal, March 16, 2012) is destroying the lansdcape of rural north east England.
We have every reason to believe that the second Obama administration and a lickspittle Congress will preside over the greatest expansion of federal government power and cost yet seen, and will add untold trillions to the national debt while hiking taxes--without making any cuts whatsoever.
They are the Order of the Lickspittle and the Order of the Toady.
We should not have been there and only Blair's lickspittle desire to be Dubya's best buddy put us there.
But one of our tormentors seemed to understand what we were about, and he called out, lickspittle fashion, Hey, Fuhr, there's some little kids here to see you.