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Noun1.licorice root - root of licorice used in flavoring e.g. candy and liqueurs and medicineslicorice root - root of licorice used in flavoring e.g. candy and liqueurs and medicines
Glycyrrhiza glabra, licorice, liquorice - deep-rooted coarse-textured plant native to the Mediterranean region having blue flowers and pinnately compound leaves; widely cultivated in Europe for its long thick sweet roots
root - (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground
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Unfortunately, I'm referring to the actual licorice root, not the delectable candy, but there is actual scientific evidence backing licorice's effects on indigestion.
1 teaspoon licorice root (decrease this amount to 1/8 teaspoon if you have high blood pressure)
Produced with American-grown olive leaves, Steep Echo is available in five varieties: Ascent, combining olive leaves with cinnamon, a touch of vanilla and sweet monk fruit; Bloom, olive leaves with peppermint, echinacea and savory herbs to improve immune defense, along with licorice root and cranberry; Hush, olive leaves with ginger, peppermint, fresh lemon myrtle and a touch of maple; Repose, olive leaves with chamomile, linden and floral blossoms; and Tend, olive leaves combined with corn silk, couch grass and notes of lemon myrtle, mango and pomegranate, designed to aid proper digestion.
Throat Coat, marketed by the company Traditional Medicinals in Sebastopol, CA, is an herbal tea containing four main ingredients: licorice root (760mg), slipperelm bark (60mg), marshmallow root (60mg), and licorice root dry aqueous extract (60mg).
Honey and pollen extract are integral and common components of each of its products, some of which also feature licorice root, fruit extract and vitamins.
The formula contains the company's proprietary blend of seven alkalizing greens and more than 24 cleansing and digestive ingredients, such as organic lemon peel, dandelion and ginger root, turmeric, garlic, papaya, licorice root, cardamom seed and fiber from quinoa.
licorice root - A1/4 tsp (5:1 solid licorice root extract) thrice daily
Dabur International has launched the Dabur Herb'l Sensitive Toothpaste with a proven formula of natural ingredients such as cinnamon, mint and licorice root, herbs used traditionally in treatment of dental problems, along with potassium ions.
A positive response to licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract is considered to confirm the diagnosis; licorice root is a specific treatment for hypoadrenalism, because it delays the breakdown of adrenal hormones.
This porter promised "incredibly complex" malts and it delivered, with a licorice root aroma and a richly burnt malt and dark treacle taste.
Spices like black pepper, coriander, anise, and licorice root.
The company also showed the Novel Food-approved licorice root extract Glavonoid [TM] , which helps to reduce visceral fat.