lie awake

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Verb1.lie awake - lie without sleeping; "She was so worried, she lay awake all night long"
lie - be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position; "The sick man lay in bed all day"; "the books are lying on the shelf"
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26, you can think of me, and how I used to lie awake, listening to the stream rippling beneath the window, with its gentle harpsichord tinkle, and little by little letting slip the multifarious world.
But by and by Minerva came down from heaven in the likeness of a woman, and hovered over his head saying, "My poor unhappy man, why do you lie awake in this way?
But go to sleep; it is a very bad thing to lie awake all night, and you shall be out of your troubles before long.
I might even be genuinely touched, though probably I should grind my teeth at myself afterwards and lie awake at night with shame for months after.
Did I not lie awake a half of the night weeping because, during the other half, Grandfather Bayne had come to me in a dream, and standing by his portrait--young, too, and handsome as that--pointed to yours on the same wall?
Somehow she was sorry for him and did not want him to lie awake, so she leaned against the bed and began to stroke and pat his hand and sing a very low little chanting song in Hindustani.
Over conceits of this sort the poor gentleman lost his wits, and used to lie awake striving to understand them and worm the meaning out of them; what Aristotle himself could not have made out or extracted had he come to life again for that special purpose.
Romero, who passed away this week at the age of 77, was one of the previous century's most significant American artists precisely because he cracked the thin crust of ideology and dived deeper inside, to the dark places where our most pernicious demons lie awake, waiting for us.
I'm a strong person, but I would lie awake at night thinking about it and my hair fell out with the stress.
Grains of sand in the winds of time I LIE awake in bed at night worrying about the state the world is in.
But as many of us lie awake at night wondering if our kids will ever get on the property ladder, you can't help but wonder if rich and famous parents should just quietly share their fortune with loved ones – and stop bothering us.
I'll lie in bed awake at 'I lie awake and if I anything about, I'll something' the sort of hour when only hamsters and hedgehogs should be making use of their conscious minds, and I'll literally think of things to get in a tizz about.