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n. pl. lie·der (lē′dər)
A German art song for solo voice and piano.

[German Lied, from Middle High German liet, from Old High German liod.]


A German song style (lied = song), especially as used by Romantic composers.
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That he could play pieces, and difficult pieces, I knew well, because at my request he has played me some of Mendelssohn's Lieder, and other favourites.
Baritone David Stout characterises the much earlier Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen wonderfully, despite an opening which sounds languorous rather than world-worn.
The second section of the book contains essays on specific structural patterns in poetry and the ways that lieder composers musically responded to them.
OPERA QUEENS are not in short supply, but gay men who love Lieder seem to be few and far between.
The chapter on Liszt's lieder makes a strong case for viewing the composer as a "missing link" between Schumann and Mahler in the history of the German lied.
Lieder to Director of Corporate Communications of SEMCO ENERGY, Inc.
Michael Lieder, a partner at Sprenger & Lang, stated, "We believe that RAND flouted the gender discrimination laws of the federal government with which it has a virtually symbiotic relationship.
Jon Finson's Robert Schumann: The Book of Songs is a much needed overview of Schumann's lieder that replaces Eric Sams's outdated The Songs of Robert Schumann (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1969).
harmony Patricia Shires sings in the English song, 18 and over, class songstress Sally Mitchell takes part in the German lieder class
Thoughts of the late lieder of Franz Schubert bring to mind the settings of Wilhelm Muller's Die schone Mullerin and Die Winterreise or the collection of Schwanengesang with the poetry of Rellstab and Heine.
Michael Lieder of Sprenger & Lang said that he believes that the suit will help further define employers' responsibilities to their employees in administering their 401(k) savings: "We hope that the suit will serve as a wake-up call to employers and employees alike.
Contains: Lieder almost exclusively composed January-September 1816, D.