lieder singer

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Noun1.lieder singer - a singer of lieder
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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On the other hand, Melanie Eskenazi, who considers Goerne the greatest Lieder singer who is still performing, loved it, and concluded by saying, "A tremendous recital: none of these works will ever sound the same again.
At Vienna's music academy, Belcourt studied technique with Edita Fleischer, who encouraged him to try the baritone repertoire as well as establish a career as an oratorio and lieder singer.
In these songs, Schade is an eminently stylish Lieder singer.
On the other hand, Mary Morrison, who is the recipient of our Opera Educator Award for her long-time and on-going work with singers, also enjoyed a significant career as a singer in her own right As for Nicholas Goldschmidt, recipient of our Opera Builder Award, his contribution as an opera entrepreneur should not mask the other fac ets of his extraordinary journey through music--as teacher, conductor and lieder singer, for example.
This film documents a live studio broadcast that Fischer-Dieskau gave in Berlin in 1974 with conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch at the piano--apparently the only extended document of Fischer-Dieskau as a Lieder singer to be taped during his prime (he retired in 1992).
It remains a firm favourite with audiences and a stern test of anyone aspiring to the label of lieder singer - though whether it is better done by tenor or baritone is largely a matter of taste.