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a. A commissioned rank in the US Navy or Coast Guard that is above lieutenant junior grade and below lieutenant commander.
b. A first lieutenant.
c. A second lieutenant.
d. One who holds the rank of lieutenant, first lieutenant, or second lieutenant.
2. (lĕf-tĕn′ənt) A commissioned officer in the British and Canadian navies ranking just below a lieutenant commander.
3. An officer in a police or fire department ranking below a captain.
4. One who acts in place of or represents a superior; an assistant or deputy: the organized crime figure and his lieutenants.

[Middle English, deputy, from Old French : lieu, place; see lieu + tenant, present participle of tenir, to hold (from Latin tenēre; see ten- in Indo-European roots).]

lieu·ten′an·cy n.


(luˈtɛn ən si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. the office, authority, or jurisdiction of a lieutenant.
2. lieutenants collectively.
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Noun1.lieutenancy - the position of a lieutenant
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"


[, (US)]
nLeutnantsrang m; he gained his lieutenancyer ist zum Leutnant befördert worden
References in classic literature ?
Comfort yourself, then; for two candidates for a lieutenancy do travel hence with the king -- young nobles both -- and if you but wait where you are you will hear them questioned.
I will go straight to the louvre; I will give in my resignation as captain of the king's Musketeers to take a lieutenancy in the cardinal's Guards, and if he refuses me, MORBLEU
Nevertheless, I promise thee thou shalt be hidden here, though I risk by concealing thee neither more nor less than my lieutenancy, if it was found out that I gave one rebel an asylum.
think of when I see that flag Carey Sutherland's Lord Lieutenancy team had organised a competition to find an image for a new flag that would unify the county.
In the United Kingdom, a Deputy Lieutenant is a Crown appointment and one of several deputies to the Lord Lieutenant of a lieutenancy area.
She is a member of the State Bar of Texas, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution Mary Isham Keith Chapter, and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Southwestern Lieutenancy.
FOUR women who have made contributions to their local communities in the North Yorkshire Lieutenancy received British Empire Medals.
23) Elliott Viney, "The Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy," Records of Buckinghamshire 19 (1972): 113-40, esp.
Colonel George Marsh TD, vice lord-lieutenant for West Midlands, said: "This is excellent news both for the West Midlands Lieutenancy area and the individual organisations - and is a true reflection of the signifi-cant range of voluntary work that is undertaken in the West Midlands.
French ambassador Sylvie Bermann was joined by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Tony Concepcion, and Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Sean McEvoy, Clerk to the Lieutenancy of Merseyside.
He spends a fair amount of time helping us understand the nature of Hemingway's honorary lieutenancy as well as discussing the other volunteers' mixed opinions of him.