life sentence

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life′ sen′tence

a sentence condemning a convicted felon to spend the rest of life in prison.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sentence - a prison term lasting as long as the prisoner lives; "he got life for killing the guard"
prison term, sentence, time - the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned; "he served a prison term of 15 months"; "his sentence was 5 to 10 years"; "he is doing time in the county jail"
levenslange gevangenisstraf
dosmrtna kazen

life sentence

ncondanna all'ergastolo
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Michaelis had been the object of a revulsion of popular sentiment, the same sentiment which years ago had applauded the ferocity of the life sentence passed upon him for complicity in a rather mad attempt to rescue some prisoners from a police van.
He who had been presented in the worst light at his trial, who had since broken prison and had been tried again, who had returned from transportation under a life sentence, and who had occasioned the death of the man who was the cause of his arrest.
The only exception to this is when a life sentence is passed with a 'whole life order' which means the offender will spend the rest of their life in prison, but these orders are only used in the most serious cases, such as the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and child killer Rose West.
Dixie's previous life sentence meant he was not eligible for parole until 2040, when he will be 69, and the new sentence means it will be another four years until he has a chance of being freed.
According to the statement, this is the eighth life sentence that has been issued against Palestinian prisoners this year.
By: MENA CAIRO, Sept 18 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court decided to hand down life sentence to 43, including 21 in absentia, in the case of Fatah Mosque armed sit-in.
Jason Dockrill is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years for the "sadistic" rape and murder of 23-year-old Suvi Aronen near Wanstead Common, east London, in March 2003.
Muscat: Members of the Majlis Al Shura will argue on Tuesday that life in prison should be limited to 25 years, while the State Council believes that the term of a life sentence should be left open.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A Turkish court has decided to punish a man who murdered a TRT station singer after she rejected his marriage proposal in 2014 with a life sentence instead of an aggravated life sentence, on grounds that the killer stabbed the singer because of his "passionate love.
In 2008, an appeal by Hutchinson against his life sentence was rejected.
Article 45 of Law No 43 of 1992 on Regulating Punitive and Reformative Establishments, states that a prisoner who has completed 15 years of a life sentence is entitled to file a special petition asking to be released from prison.
Hopefully, a full life sentence will be slower and more agonising than hanging - which is the point.

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