life span

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also life span  (līf′spăn′)
1. A lifetime.
2. The average or maximum length of time an organism, material, or object can be expected to survive or last.

life span



(Biology) the period of time during which a human being, animal, machine, etc, may be expected to live or function under normal conditions

life′ span`

1. the longest period over which the life of any organism or species may extend.
2. the longevity of an individual.

life span

n(durata della) vita
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The journal PLOS ONE published an article that reports a benefit for Rhodiola rosea in extending the life span of fruit flies.
A nano spray coating technology can prolong the the on-line working time and life span of working rolls effectively, reduce the roll changing time and lower the roll repairing cost.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers announced they have found that a starvation hormone markedly extends life span in mice without the need for calorie restriction.
Life span development in genetic disorders; behavioral and neurolobiological aspects.
Sunshine Canyon Landfill could take in up to 57 million tons more trash than officials have predicted, potentially extending the life span of the Granada Hills dump far past the 26 years that are expected, according to a consultant hired by dump opponents.
Toward an integration of gay and lesbian identity development and Super's life span approach.
The average human life span in an industrialized country is between 75 and 85 years; a typical dog lives 20 years, while mice survive about 4 years.
According to a study on dogs' health, Terriors and Poodles have a longer life span than Boxers and Irish Wolfhounds.
Men's health company LIFE SPAN labs confirmed today it has partnered with Portland-based search engine marketing agency Anvil Media, Inc.
Readers online brainstormed lots of other possible factors contributing to life span, from brain size to heartbeats.
Caloric restriction (CR) increases maximal life span in many species, in concert with improvements in mitochondrial function.
Tokyo, July 26 ( ANI ): Women in Japan have once again taken the top position in terms of women's average life span in 2012, a year after stepping down to the second spot behind Hong Kong, it was revealed on Thursday.