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life care

also life·care (līf′kâr′)
The provision of services for elderly people, including housing, health care, and social activities.
adj. also life-care (līf′kâr′)
Of or relating to life care: life care programs; life-care communities.


or life′care`,

designed to provide for the basic needs of elderly residents, usu. in return for an initial fee and monthly service payments: a life-care facility; life-care communities.
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That tool is a life-care plan, which is increasingly being used by insurance carriers, self-insured companies and other parties, particularly in catastrophic workers' compensation cases.
I've been in this business more than 25 years, and in the past we rarely established life-care plans.
Life-care plans can be used in a number of circumstances: when someone becomes catastrophically ill or injured, in personal injury eases, in cases of acquired birth injury such as cerebral palsy, and increasingly with elder care management when an older person has a serious illness.
In the workers' comp arena, a life-care plan is used in catastrophic injury cases.
A life-care plan is a tool we would utilize to help identify the future exposure on a claim based on the ultimate medical needs of the individual.
Admittedly, life-care plans are not for every workers' comp case, given the cost involved for preparing a plan, which could amount to thousands of dollars.
The life-care planning process typically begins as soon as a patient's condition is stabilized after a catastrophic injury.
It provides respite as well as end-of life-care, and then care for the bereaved family after the patient's death.
and Restaurant in a historic Willis Polk building in San Francisco; projects for Hewlett-Packard, Equity Office Properties and the GSA Appraisers Building; prototypical labs for the Drug Enforcement Agency; and several life-care communities, including The Terraces.
SMP has a diverse body of work in the academic, research, health care, corporate/commercial office, retail and life-care arenas.