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I lift it, but ask myself: could I have abstained from lifting my arm at the moment that has already passed?
liner (Societe Anonyme des Transports Aeriens) is diving and lifting half a mile below us in search of some break in the solid west wind.
Tim's fingers on the lift-shunt strike chords of numbers--1:4:7:--2:4:6:--7:5:3, and so on; for he is running by his tanks only, lifting or lowering her against the uneasy air.
Then I yelled with pain and rage, and lifting the Watcher endways, drove it down with both hands, as a man drives a stake into the earth, and that with so great a stroke that the skull of the wolf was shattered like a pot, and he fell dead, dragging me with him.
So he added by degrees more and more weight, until he found out that the lifting power of the kite was considerable.
In lifting it from the cabinet, he was struck by its great weight in proportion to its size.
In the involuntary effort to maintain equilibrium, Joe had uncovered himself, flinging one arm out and lifting his head from beneath the sheltering shoulders.
Lifting his eyes to the dizzy altitude of its summit, the officer saw an astonishing sight - a man on horseback riding down into the valley through the air!
I know nothing about it," answered Geoffrey, without lifting his head.
As before, the Ghost swung out of the trough, lifting her deck again out of the sea, and dashed before the howling blast.
Wait a minute, we'll make him tidy first," and Lizaveta Petrovna laid the red wobbling thing on the bed, began untrussing and trussing up the baby, lifting it up and turning it over with one finger and powdering it with something.
Tenders are invited for purchase of spare parts for hoisting machines (lifting machine -53,2 / 0,85; lifting machine -53,2 / 0,55; lifting machine -63,4 / 0,6; lifting machine 54; lifting machine BKK-8 / 5x1,7, lifting machine BKK-8 / 5h2, 7 lifting machine MPMN-4x4-TD)